Li'l Peeps offers a nurturing, child-centered experience. We surround children with literature and a language-rich environment. We believe in fostering cooperation and concern for others. Our teachers encourage a child's natural love of learning through creative play and exploration. We use all five senses to develop the whole child at his/her own pace. And we encourage creative expression through art, music, and dance.


Developmental Learning --All lessons have activities that teach and reinforce the learning areas listed below. Each age group works at its own developmental level. We believe that children learn through play, repetition and being encouraged to explore and investigate new experiences.

Language Development--We routinely explore a variety of literature to introduce and reinforce concepts. In addition, songs, finger plays, puppets and drama develop speech patterns, vocabulary and listening skills.

Readiness Skills--It is our goal to adequately prepare children for kindergarten by emphasizing the following readiness skills: developing listening skills in large and small group settings, auditory and visual memory, patterns, sequencing, rhyming, large motor skills and fine motor skill development. Each child will be encouraged to recognize and print their name, as well as recognize shapes, numbers, letters.

Art--Children will be introduced to a variety of artistic materials such as paint, clay, play dough, paper, yarn, watercolors, etc. There will be time for free exploration as well as craft projects which will encourage following specific directions.

Music--Music will be a regular part of our day. Emphasis will be on singing, listening, rhythm and movement. In addition, the children will receive 30 minutes of music each week. Please see our music page for more info.

Religion--To develop an appreciation of God's love for us and the Christian message of faith, joy and hope through monthly Bible verses, grace before snack, visits from our Pastor, and learning and experiencing activities related to Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Social Studies--Developing a sense of community in school and being aware of the community we live in. This will include learning about community helpers and holidays, and their address.

Science--We strive to create a sense of wonder about the world around us. We will learn about seasons, weather, plants, animals, and dinosaurs.

Motor Skills--We will practice large motor skills including running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing and catching. And we will practice fine motor skills including using crayons, pencils and scissors, threading beads, tracing and building with small objects.